How It Works?

Medcrip connects your health to your doctor and pharmacists round the clock from anywhere at anytime. Medcrip is a convenient mobile facility built to foster smooth relationship and transition from the doctor’s office to pharmacy store. It is your right to have the best of medical care experience. So,go for it. See how it works..

How Patients (individuals) participate in Medcrip

  • Register as Patient.
  • Add your doctor and pharmacy to access full Medcrip services.
  • Begin to relate with your doctor. You can do so through booking an appointment,doctor’s visit and or,any other medical concerns.
  • The doctor will automatically send your prescription to your pharmacy through our secured online platform.
  • All prescriptions and visits are recorded and stored in your data base for your record.

Benefits for Patient

  • Registration is free
  • You can book an appointment anytime from anywhere
  • Access your health record anytime on Medcrip
  • No more paper prescriptions and other unnecessary paper works. Entirely eliminated.
  • Get instant notifications and communication with Doctor and Pharmacy on MedCrip
  • No more multiple trips to pharmacy.
  • Fast,super convenient and time saving.

How Doctors participate in Medcrip

  • Register as doctor
  • Connect to your patients
  • Begin your doctor’s work by responding to patient’s email inquires like appointment dates,visits,prescription concerns,etc
  • Update patient’s visit and prescription record on database.
  • All prescriptions and visits are recorded and Prescribed medication is sent to patient’s pharmacy.

Benefits for Doctor

  • Improve your patient experience.
  • Easy Appointment management: No need to attend more phone calls.
  • Patient Tracking: Can maintain all appointment records past, upcoming, cancelled, prescriptions and track patients flow.
  • Prescribed medication is sent straight to patient’s pharmacy. No more paper written prescription anymore.
  • Have database of the patient’s records.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Organize your work flow in office.

How Pharmacy participate in MedCrip

Medcrip help Pharmacy to promote their facilities,help to connect deeply with patient and professionally,with doctors.

  • Register as Pharmacy.
  • Add your patients and doctors.
  • You will be notified as soon as prescription is sent to you.
  • The system will acknowledge receipt when you received the prescription.
  • The system will notify the patient and doctor the expected time of pick up.

Benefits for Pharmacy

  • Online Store: Promote your pharmacy store into digital pharmacy
  • Improve patient experience
  • Keep medicines ready before the patient arrives
  • Patient attraction
  • No more waiting room.
  • No more multiple trips.
  • Internal chat-room makes it simple to communicate and understand each other.

Why are we here?

The two leading best known result oriented variables are effective Communication and good Relationship model. We believe these two variables directly impact Problems, Solutions and Returns when properly applied.

In Medcrip, we deplored and connected the variables to technological applications as a systematic tool to solve the inadequacies in healthcare industry.

Individuals, medical professionals and practitioners can now connect in one platform from anywhere at any time they have medical needs at no cost totally within an open convenience.

Even without symptoms,you can spread COVID-19. And people can die.

People like your Mom. your Grandpa & your Friends.

Wearing a mask slows the spread. Wear a Mask. Slow the Spread.

If you have an underlying medical conditions, please stay home.

We know because Medcrip is part of Solutions to flatten the curve.